Friday, December 5, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reading Two

This reading was very interesting. I learned that nothing is private when your using google or other search engines. I find it a little disturbing. I think that it's good in the fact that it can be used if there is ever a case and they can find concrete evidence to prove some body is innocent or guilty. But I also think that it's crazy that everything is available for people to see. I was also surprised that new laws about Internet privacy have not been introduced since 1986. I understand that the search engines use the information that they collect for marketing reasons but it seems like to much. It almost makes you not want to use them. I feel that they should update the privacy laws for Internet use, that's the main thing that stuck out to me in this particular reading.
The tug of war reading was also interesting. It makes you realize that everything is money oriented. It made me feel that like people are trying to get as much as possible for their services. It's great for business and it makes it a competitive market so that prices are reasonable. I think that it's good as long as prices don't go up and people don't start charging more for consumers to use the same service they are already using. Like how it explains how the phone companies were thinking of raising the price of apple music downloads 10 cents. I mean 10 cents isn't a large amount by any means but it makes you wonder well if its 10 cents today then they could just as easily raise it 20 cents tomorrow. Do overall I think that growth is good but just as long as the companies don't take advantage of the consumer.

Reading One

The first set of readings were about email etiquette as well as Netiquette. There were 3 main points that explained why email etiquette was important to you and your company. The first reason was professionalism, you want to be able to to have a professional image when using emails. This means that you need to use proper email language and use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. The second reason was efficiency, this means when sending an email you need to get to the point and explain things clearly. Many times today companies fail to do this and it can result in hurting a business relationship. The third reason was for protection from liability. Having your employees aware of email risks will help people avoid costly lawsuits. Along with these main points they give 32 etiquette tips that help with writing professional emails. I found this article very helpful because i was unaware of some of the mistakes I was making in my emails.
The second part of reading one was also very helpful. It explains online etiquette. The reading mostly addressed that when your online you have to remember that your dealing with real people. when online we need to act like we would normally act in the real world and follow the same guidelines. You should remain professional when online, you always want to keep a positive image no matter where you go. We should respect others avoid flame wars. Basically this reading helps you understand that just because you are dealing with people in person, you still need to present yourself like you are. That will help you get along better when online.